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MOM Logo Design (Music Orchestrating Miracles).
June 2010

Music has the power to move, inspire, heal, and to bring people together like no other art form. It makes miracles happen every day and has the power to change lives. This fundamental truth inspired the formation of Music Orchestrating Miracles (MOM), a not-for-profit organization focused on the creation of miracles through the power of music.

Through the power of music, MOM seeks to bring people together to impact those in need, creating miracles both big and small. 'Hands across Kenya' is MOM's first charity concert which will be hosted in conjunction with capital FM DJs and Dohty Family Entertainment. The concert will be held at Carnivor Simba Salon, on Lang'ata Rd, in Nairobi, Kenya on July 10, 2010 featuring Gramps Morgan and local Kenyan acts.

All proceeds from the 'Hands Across Kenya' concert will go towards a free medical camp at Port Victoria, in Bunyala. This free medical camp is being administered by 20 volunteers including medical and public health students; physicians and other health professionals from different institutions across Kenya, the US and the UK.

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Stratus Worldwide Teams up With Big Ship & Stephen McGregor to design Album Artwork.
May 2010

Kingston - Jamaica. – As one of Jamaica's brightest and most-accomplished producers, Stephen McGregor has only just begun. Having worked primarily with international artists from Sean Paul, John Legend, Estelle, Buju Banton and virtually every artist in Jamaica, the catalog continues to grow at a neck-breaking pace.

Watch out for our designs on itunes, Amazon and most digital music stores as we continue to design the artwork for the latest studio releases.


The Microwave Didn't Stand a Chance!
May 2010

DURHAM, N.H. – The microwave didn’t stand a chance. It was no match for Smash & Wrecker, 205 pounds of slicing, pounding robotic destruction created by six University of New Hampshire engineering students as their senior capstone project. To prepare for the battlebot’s debut at the international RoboGames competition in San Francisco next week, the electrical and computer engineering majors put Smash & Wrecker to the test in a Kingsbury Hall parking lot with the discarded microwave serving as its scrimmage partner. UNH’s first-ever battlebot – a remote-controlled robot designed to take on similar battlebots in competition – stands just over a foot tall and about three feet square; its unassuming shape features a ramped front that will let it scoop the competition and throw it over. It rolls on four wheels, contained within its Wildcat-blue frame, and draws the equivalent of power it takes to run a single house...

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Stratus Builds the Official Michael Phelps Swim School Website!
May 2010

Stratus Creative Studio builds the official website for the MIchael Phelps Swim School. Click here to visit the site and maybe even register for classes if you are nearby. Check back from time to time as we enhance, add-on and continue to build new festures and enhancements to the site with the MPSS group.

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Stratus iPhone Web App
April 2010

Attention all iPhone users! When you visit our website ( from your iPhone or iTouch you will get a drastically different experience than you might have prior to our latest development.

Now optimized for the iPhone, you can download our site to your homescreen if you need to contact us, or have our information on hand. We will continue to develop and innovate so make sure to visit from time to time.




Custom Facebook Fan Pages
April 2010

Have you seen the latest trend in Facebook marketing? If not, visit our page right now for a simple version of a "Branded Fan Page". This is a great tool for any Entertainer, Company or individual looking to better utilize their Facebook fan page. Contact us today to get started, and we can help you customize your viewer's experience each and every time the land on your page.